Download The Venture Bros. (Seasons 1-6 +Commentary) [480p] [DVD] [1080p] [BD] [HEVC] [x265] [Batch] [pseudo]

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The Venture Bros. (Seasons 1-6 +Commentary) [480p] [DVD] [1080p] [BD] [HEVC] [x265] [Batch] [pseudo]


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/Extras/Audio/Christmas Singles/Images/


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Baby It's Cold In Here.png

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Fairytale of New York.png

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Fan Club Christmas Album 2010.png

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Hard Candy Christmas.png

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Peace on Earth;Little Drummer Boy.png

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The Chipmunk Song.png

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Venture Aid 2006.png

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Wonderful Christmastime.png

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/Extras/Audio/Christmas Singles/

Henchmen 21 & 24 - Hard Candy Christmas.mp3

6.2 MB

Henchmen 21 & 24 - Wonderful Christmastime.mp3

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Shallow Gravy - Fan Club Christmas Album 2010.mp3

10.1 MB

The Monarch & Dr. Girlfriend - Fairytale of New York.mp3

5.6 MB

The Monarch & Dr. Girlfriend - Peace on Earth;Little Drummer Boy.mp3

4.7 MB

The Monarch & Dr. Mrs. The Monarch - Baby It's Cold In Here.mp3

10.2 MB

Tim-Tom, Kevin & 21 With The Monarch - The Chipmunk Song.mp3

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Venture Aid 2006.mp3

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Aquagen ft Rozalla - Everybody's Free (Season 2 Premiere).mp3

3.4 MB

Henchmen 21 & 24 - Suiting Up.mp3

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James Urbaniak & Jonathan Dinerstein - The James Urbaniak Christmas Song.mp3

3.4 MB

Jasper McVain - Revv Me Up (Brock's Training Song).mp3

10.0 MB

Nick DeMayo - Look Away (Boy's Death Theme).mp3

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Pulp - Like a Friend (Operation P.R.O.M.'s ending).mp3

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/.../How to Draw/


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/.../Concepts and Character Designs/


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Nikki 1.jpg

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Nikki 2.jpg

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Nikki 3.jpg

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/Extras/Random Images/


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Astrobase Go! Shirt of the Week Club Brock and Shoreleave.png

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Astrobase Go! Shirt of the Week Club.png

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/Extras/Season 1/

Animating Hank and Dean.mkv

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Deleted Scene 1.mkv

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Deleted Scene 2.mkv

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Deleted Scene 3.mkv

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Deleted Scene 4.mkv

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Deleted Scene 5.mkv

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Deleted Scene 6.mkv

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On The Set with The Monarch.mkv

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/Extras/Season 2/

Deep Inside Astrobase Go!.mkv

78.4 MB

Deleted and Extended Scenes.mkv

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/Extras/Season 3/

Extras - Cold Open - The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part I).mkv

10.7 MB

Extras - Deleted Scenes - Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman.mkv

1.2 MB

Extras - Deleted Scenes - Home Is Where the Hate Is (1).mkv

7.5 MB

Extras - Deleted Scenes - Home Is Where the Hate Is (2).mkv

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Extras - Deleted Scenes - ORB.mkv

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Extras - Deleted Scenes - Shadowman 9 - In the Cradle of Destiny.mkv

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Extras - Deleted Scenes - The Buddy System.mkv

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Extras - Deleted Scenes - The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part I).mkv

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Extras - Deleted Scenes - The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part II).mkv

9.9 MB

Extras - Deleted Scenes - The Invisible Hand of Fate.mkv

11.7 MB

Extras - Deleted Scenes - What Goes Down Must Come Up.mkv

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/Extras/Season 4/

Extras - Alternate Takes - Handsome Ransom.mkv

24.5 MB

Extras - Alternate Takes - The Better Man.mkv

14.2 MB

Extras - Alternate Takes - The Revenge Society.mkv

12.3 MB

Extras - Deleted Scenes - Any Which Way But Zeus.mkv

19.2 MB

Extras - Deleted Scenes - Assisted Suicide.mkv

9.7 MB

Extras - Deleted Scenes - Bright Lights, Dean City.mkv

26.4 MB

Extras - Deleted Scenes - Operation P.R.O.M..mkv

20.4 MB

Extras - Deleted Scenes - Pomp & Circuitry.mkv

30.7 MB

Extras - Deleted Scenes - The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-Glider.mkv

19.9 MB

Extras - Deleted Scenes - The Silent Partners.mkv

14.4 MB

Extras - Finale On-Air Promos.mkv

31.4 MB

Extras - Menu.mkv

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Extras - So This Is Captain.mkv

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/Extras/Season 5/

Deleted and Extended Scenes.mkv

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Deleted Scene.mkv

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/Extras/Season 6/

Deleted Scenes.mkv

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Henchman 21s Recap of Season 5 Plus.mkv

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Sample (Intro) [1080p].mkv

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Sample (Intro) [480p].mkv

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Screenshot 01.png

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Screenshot 02.png

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Screenshot 03.png

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Screenshot 04.png

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Screenshot 05.png

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Screenshot 06.png

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Screenshot 07.png

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Screenshot 08.png

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Screenshot 09.png

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Screenshot 10.png

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Screenshot 11.png

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Screenshot 12.png

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Screenshot 13.png

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Screenshot 14.png

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Screenshot 15.png

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Screenshot 16.png

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Screenshot 17.png

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Screenshot 18.png

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Screenshot 19.png

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Screenshot 20.png

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/Season 1/

[pseudo] S01E00 The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay (Pilot Episode) [480p] [h.265].mkv

71.5 MB

[pseudo] S01E01 Dia de Los Dangerous! [480p] [h.265].mkv

80.3 MB

[pseudo] S01E02 Careers in Science [480p] [h.265].mkv

77.2 MB

[pseudo] S01E03 Home Insecurity [480p] [h.265].mkv

73.5 MB

[pseudo] S01E04 The Incredible Mr. Brisby [480p] [h.265].mkv

81.2 MB

[pseudo] S01E05 Eeney, Meeney, Miney... Magic! [480p] [h.265].mkv

69.2 MB

[pseudo] S01E06 Ghosts of the Sargasso [480p] [h.265].mkv

68.4 MB

[pseudo] S01E07 Ice Station – Impossible! [480p] [h.265].mkv

81.8 MB

[pseudo] S01E08 Mid-Life Chrysalis [480p] [h.265].mkv

68.2 MB

[pseudo] S01E09 Are You There, God It's Me, Dean [480p] [h.265].mkv

76.9 MB

[pseudo] S01E10 Tag Sale – You're It! [480p] [h.265].mkv

74.9 MB

[pseudo] S01E11 Past Tense [480p] [h.265].mkv

81.5 MB

[pseudo] S01E12 The Trial of the Monarch [480p] [h.265].mkv

77.2 MB

[pseudo] S01E13 Return to Spider-Skull Island [480p] [h.265].mkv

81.6 MB


87.9 KB

/Season 2/

[pseudo] S02E01 Powerless in the Face of Death [480p] [h.265].mkv

113.6 MB

[pseudo] S02E02 Hate Floats [480p] [h.265].mkv

112.7 MB

[pseudo] S02E03 Assassinanny 911 [480p] [h.265].mkv

118.2 MB

[pseudo] S02E04 Escape to the House of Mummies Part II [480p] [h.265].mkv

114.9 MB

[pseudo] S02E05 Twenty Years to Midnight [480p] [h.265].mkv

112.8 MB

[pseudo] S02E06 Victor. Echo. November. [480p] [h.265].mkv

98.2 MB

[pseudo] S02E07 Love-Bheits [480p] [h.265].mkv

118.3 MB

[pseudo] S02E08 Fallen Arches [480p] [h.265].mkv

112.1 MB

[pseudo] S02E09 Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner [480p] [h.265].mkv

120.2 MB

[pseudo] S02E10 [480p] [h.265] I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills.mkv

119.4 MB

[pseudo] S02E11 ¡Viva los Muertos! [480p] [h.265].mkv

126.3 MB

[pseudo] S02E12 Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part I) [480p] [h.265].mkv

109.2 MB

[pseudo] S02E13 Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part II) [480p] [h.265].mkv

140.3 MB


115.7 KB

/Season 3/

[pseudo] S03E01 Shadowman 9 In the Cradle of Destiny [1080p] [h.265].mkv

298.1 MB

[pseudo] S03E02 The Doctor Is Sin [1080p] [h.265].mkv

246.0 MB

[pseudo] S03E03 The Invisible Hand of Fate [1080p] [h.265].mkv

281.8 MB

[pseudo] S03E04 Home Is Where the Hate Is [1080p] [h.265].mkv

302.2 MB

[pseudo] S03E05 The Buddy System [1080p] [h.265].mkv

262.4 MB

[pseudo] S03E06 Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman [1080p] [h.265].mkv

250.5 MB

[pseudo] S03E07 What Goes Down Must Come Up [1080p] [h.265].mkv

231.2 MB

[pseudo] S03E08 Tears Of a Sea Cow [1080p] [h.265].mkv

215.0 MB

[pseudo] S03E09 Now Museum-Now You Don't [1080p] [h.265].mkv

296.8 MB

[pseudo] S03E10 The Lepidopterists [1080p] [h.265].mkv

251.5 MB

[pseudo] S03E11 ORB [1080p] [h.265].mkv

248.3 MB

[pseudo] S03E12 The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part I) [1080p] [h.265].mkv

283.7 MB

[pseudo] S03E13 The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part II) [1080p] [h.265].mkv

283.5 MB


212.6 KB

/Season 4/

[pseudo] S04E01 Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel [1080p] [h.265].mkv

277.3 MB

[pseudo] S04E02 Handsome Ransome [1080p] [h.265].mkv

322.5 MB

[pseudo] S04E03 Perchance to Dean [1080p] [h.265].mkv

257.1 MB

[pseudo] S04E04 Return to Malice [1080p] [h.265].mkv

239.3 MB

[pseudo] S04E05 The Revenge Society [1080p] [h.265].mkv

254.0 MB

[pseudo] S04E06 Self Medication [1080p] [h.265].mkv

300.7 MB

[pseudo] S04E07 The Better Man [1080p] [h.265].mkv

267.4 MB

[pseudo] S04E08 Pinstripes & Poltergeists [1080p] [h.265].mkv

274.0 MB

[pseudo] S04E09 The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-Glider [1080p] [h.265].mkv

273.7 MB

[pseudo] S04E10 Pomp & Circuitry [1080p] [h.265].mkv

307.4 MB

[pseudo] S04E11 Any Which Way But Zeus [1080p] [h.265].mkv

267.7 MB

[pseudo] S04E12 Everybody Comes To Hank's [1080p] [h.265].mkv

346.8 MB

[pseudo] S04E13 Bright Lights, Dean City [1080p] [h.265].mkv

279.0 MB

[pseudo] S04E14 Assisted Suicide [1080p] [h.265].mkv

305.1 MB

[pseudo] S04E15 The Silent Partners [1080p] [h.265].mkv

263.1 MB

[pseudo] S04E16 Operation P.R.O.M. [1080p] [h.265].mkv

549.1 MB


138.1 KB

/Season 5/

[pseudo] S05E01 What Color Is Your Cleansuit [1080p] [h.265].mkv

557.3 MB

[pseudo] S05E02 Venture Libre [1080p] [h.265].mkv

285.2 MB

[pseudo] S05E03 SPHINX Rising [1080p] [h.265].mkv

209.5 MB

[pseudo] S05E04 Spanakopita [1080p] [h.265].mkv

374.3 MB

[pseudo] S05E05 O.S.I. Love You [1080p] [h.265].mkv

280.3 MB

[pseudo] S05E06 Momma's Boys [1080p] [h.265].mkv

226.7 MB

[pseudo] S05E07 Bot Seeks Bot [1080p] [h.265].mkv

318.9 MB

[pseudo] S05E08 The Devil's Grip [1080p] [h.265].mkv

343.7 MB


175.2 KB

/Season 6/

[pseudo] S06E01 Hostile Makeover [1080p] [h.265].mkv

392.1 MB

[pseudo] S06E02 Maybe No Go [1080p] [h.265].mkv

333.5 MB

[pseudo] S06E03 Faking Miracles [1080p] [h.265].mkv

348.4 MB

[pseudo] S06E04 Rapacity in Blue [1080p] [h.265].mkv

326.2 MB

[pseudo] S06E05 Tanks for Nuthin [1080p] [h.265].mkv

339.8 MB

[pseudo] S06E06 It Happening One Night [1080p] [h.265].mkv

327.5 MB

[pseudo] S06E07 A Party for Tarzan [1080p] [h.265].mkv

332.3 MB

[pseudo] S06E08 Red Means Stop [1080p] [h.265].mkv

310.5 MB


69.3 KB


[pseudo] A Very Venture Christmas [480p] [h.265].mkv

48.2 MB

[pseudo] A Very Venture Halloween [1080p] [h.265].mkv

249.2 MB

[pseudo] All This and Gargantua 2 [1080p] [h.265].mkv

843.4 MB

[pseudo] From the Ladle to the Grave The Story of Shallow Gravy [1080p] [h.265].mkv

198.3 MB



2.1 KB


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